The lowest competitors in this category are the MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set and the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We want a set that doesn't burn food, boils water efficiently, and minimizes heat loss so precious drops of fuel are not lost. When you correct for the efficiency advantages of the aluminum construction over a long enough trip, you may find that the MSR is one of the lightest ways to construct a camp kitchen. We choose the Snow Peak Trek 700 as best amongst these simply because it has the smallest dimensions and takes up the least amount of room in a backpack. Backpacking Cooking Gear Of course, you will need some backcountry cooking equipment to prepare backpacking meals. Not only do we cook with each set, but we assess boiling speed, versatility, features, and more. Two generously-sized bowls hold everything from your morning oatmeal … Each of the pots and pan is coated with Teflon's top of the line non-stick material, and this choice shows in cooking performance. Although prepared in a pot, the MSR Quick 2 System is also an excellent performer during this test and had a natural clean up afterward. For example, the Snowpeak Personal Cooker is tiny, and will boil one liter of water in three minutes and five seconds. On the spectrum of weight, you'll be spending less on fuel as you can boil more water with less fuel, for more people. When you correct for the efficiency advantages of the aluminum … However, as a low weight, high functioning cookware option, this one is hard to beat. Start cooking light We backpackers love our stoves. How do you get the biggest bang for your buck? It boils water in a flash, and the titanium construction is reliable and durable. If you’re after a complete cooking and eating set for your camping adventures then look no further than the Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.2. Just under half of the cook sets we tested are two pots, lid(s), and handle(s). The GSI Pinnacle Camper is a top-of-the-line product from an industry leader. As you get started, you may go for the simplest option, and work your way up as you invest in more camping gear. Subjecting each to the same tests in a controlled (and field) environment, we can compare each objectively and without bias, ensuring excellent recommendations for your purchase. In assembling this standard kitchen kit, you have two primary options in our review. Here we take an adventure, trying to find privacy on a remote beach in Hawaii. This set doesn't come with all the bells and whistles but has just two pots and a pan. All of the sets of cookware we tested nest together and slide neatly into a sack. Smaller pots sets also offer a faster boiling time. The ultimate space-maximizing minimalist cook set for two backpackers. Assuming a cooking group of 2-3 people, you need a couple of pots around 1.5-2 liters, with lids and handles. The pot is small, tall, and narrow. Cooking with the built-in handles is easier than using a separate pot gripper and there is one less tool to carry. The second-largest and second heaviest set we tested is the GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset, which weighs in at 3.7 pounds. A small microfibre towel will handle this task perfectly. Some of our tested cookware, roughly ordered by performance in the egg test, L-R, from upper left: MSR Ceramic, GSI Bugaboo, Optimus, Primus, GSI Pinnacle, Winterial, MalloMe, Snow Peak, MSR Quick, G4Free (previously tested), and MSR Alpine. The individual components of this kit are user-friendly and reliable. Those that will choose this set will be looking not for minimum weight but cooking performance in a clever packing combination. Second, it also getsvery hot, which forces the user to wait for coffee or tea to cool and to use a cloth on the handle. Our lead camping cookware testers, Jediah Porter and Amber King are backcountry enthusiasts, cooking up meals in some of the most beautiful places in the world. The Primus PrimeTech 2.3L is one such option. Even banging around amongst shovels, probes, and other metals, it doesn't dent or deform. For backpacking, even when preparing relatively nice food, this is a great start, if not all, you will need. Now, the health-conscious foodie has something to form the backbone of his or her camping kitchen. The MSR Quick 2 System, MSR Ceramic, and Primus Prime Tech 2.3 rank the highest within this category for its versatility both in the campground as well as on the backpacking trail. Better yet, you can parse out parts of the set to optimize it even further. The price is hard to beat, and its durability, stainless steel construction adds to its value. The Winterial 11 Piece is much more featured, with the capacity to cook for up to two, but is less durable. The GSI Glacier 1-Person is a simple cookset that's best for the solo backpacker looking for simplicity and reliability at a low cost.